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this is edlin roque reporting...

Yeah it's me again. Still bored but I am posting in the community. Yesterday was good. A rather funny day because me and my cousins made another home video about us acting stupid. Basically it was about us acting like the ones who didn't make it in American idol and during our singing time, we ended up fighting for the spotlight. I couldn't stop laughing while trying to lipsync or however you spell it. You get the point! and the funniest part for me was when I got a leftover broccoli and I smushed it in his face. Very childish but definitely beats boredom and sadness. After that, I was about to start another character about a hispanic funny lady who auditions for "American ghetto dancers" it was going to be funny because I was going to use a funny hispanic accent I had a rose in my head and I looked like a whacked out hippie, with my hair loose and all. I would have wished to have actually scripted it for a change, but I think that improvisation can be really funny. I am overcoming my shyness and even feel like taking some acting classes for the heck of it! It would be cool to do funny things on stage, at least only during class time. I heard a couple of days baqck, if not last year during finals or something, that Brian came out on a play and was very good. Congratulations! My cousin liked it alot and said that you have talent. I of course told him that I already knew that! we should all do something funny someday make a funny movie or something, just to see how people would react to it. There's so much things that I would like to do and I will sooner or later. There's alot of interesting classes to take. It's always good to learn something new.
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