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It's been quite a long time since I've posted anything

I don't know why but I just got bored I guess. Also, because they gave me cool presents such as 3 dvd's which I have been watching for these past days. My favorite has to be "Detroit Rock City" it kicks ass. I have to get a kiss cd because their music rocks. It must have been cool to live in that time. I really like the movie. I'm starting school Jan. 5 and there are alot of things that I have to do like add on to an english class and get my parking permit which I wouldn't have to be worrying about them if I had done them on time. Anyway, I am really liking the idea of becoming a teacher. Might give film a try and if possible, start my own small business, like a restaurant or something. Yesterday, minutes away from the arrival of the new year, I felt depressed for some strange reason. I didn't feel any new year's spirit at all. Fortunately, my cousins came downstairs and we were lighting up firecrackers and that cheered me up. It was real funny actually, because we blew a couple of them in a trash can and it gave a loud bang. We started a fire until we were scared of how big the fire was getting. We put it out and I went upstairs to watch a movie at my cousins. Slept for three hours because I had to take my mom to work at 6 in the morning. I hope that you all also had a good time and probably even got drunk or something. My aunts thought that me and my cousins were getting drunk because we had apple cider in a glass bottle that looked like beer. I thought it was amusing when my aunt smelled my cousins bottle to make sure that we did not add anything else to it. At that moment, I didn't think about it, but when we sat down and the bottles were so close, I was tempted. But we would have gotten in trouble so we didn't. I sure hope that this year is of course better than the last, with few depressing moments and more times when it's just pure fun. I also hope to make my final decision on my career this year. I bought this book on screenwriting and it discouraged me because of all the formal writing that you have to do before actually writing the story. I guess that me being a screenwriter would not be as fun as being the director. So I guess that's about it. Until next time, folks!
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